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Contract NumberAddendumContract DateAgencyVendorAgentDescriptionStatus DateStatusStatus Log
186119010/13/2017Natural ResourcesMesa Youth Services, Inc.Ann SchliepAVL- Habitat Restoration (ZC)4/13/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
13637423/20/2018Natural ResourcesLarsen Fire AparatusAnn SchliepAmend the Contract3/29/2018SENT TO AGENT FOR PURCHASING REVIEWView
18625603/20/2018Heritage and ArtsGay CooksonRick StrawConsulting for Hamilton Education Program (AG)3/26/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
16615634/2/2018CorrectionsIHC Health Services Kraig BrinkerhoffAmend Contract TD5/14/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18627504/5/2018Environmental QualityIdexx Distribution IncChad HindsTest kits for surface water quality monitoring specifically bacteria concentrations KB4/10/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18628204/12/2018Natural ResourcesValley Tank Services LLCCody NelsonProvide septic tank/vault toilet pumping for Escalante Petrified Forest State Park ( CJ)4/12/2018SENT TO FINANCEView
18628304/12/2018Natural ResourcesCanyon Country Discovery CenterAnn SchliepHabitat Restoration NH4/16/2018SENT TO FINANCEView
18611314/12/2018Natural ResourcesAmerican Conservation ExperienceAnn SchliepAmend the Contract MI4/13/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18611914/12/2018Natural ResourcesMesa YouthAnn SchliepAmend the Contract SK4/12/2018LEGAL REVIEWView
15633514/12/2018Natural ResourcesEcono WasteAnn SchliepAmend the Contract TD4/12/2018SENT TO FINANCEView
16628814/12/2018CorrectionsAutoClear LLCKraig BrinkerhoffAmend the Contract BP4/13/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18621714/12/2018CorrectionsWayne A. Freestone P.C. And David CundickKraig BrinkerhoffAmend the Contract CF4/13/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18629904/19/2018InsuranceJennan Enterprises, LLCMichael IwasakiExamination services for the Utah Insurance Department -- Information Systems (RS)4/23/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18631505/1/2018AgricultureAir Shasta Rotor & Wing IncNick HughesHelicopter Services for Aerial Predator Hunting on an as needed Basis5/3/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18631805/1/2018Public SafetyLexipol LLCCherilyn HessOnline System, Training Bulletins to sworn officers of the Utah Highway Patrol5/4/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
14635245/1/2018Human ServicesUnited Way of Salt LakeVinessa DudleyAmend the Contract (SK)5/11/2018SENT TO FINANCEView
14622135/1/2018CommerceRamas Regulatory Consulting LLCMichael IwasakiAmend the Contract5/2/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18632105/3/2018HealthBiotageKaitee Hall5 year service agreement for Extrahera (RS)5/3/2018SENT TO FINANCEView
18632205/4/2018Technology ServicesTouchpay Holdings LLC dba gTL Financial ServicesSpencer HallExtend pay methods for ORS5/4/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18632405/4/2018Human ServicesAscent Crew LLCVinessa DudleyJanitorial Services at the Weber Valley Youth Center5/8/2018LEGAL REVIEWView
18632605/7/2018Technology ServicesEccovia Solutions, Inc.Solomon KingstonCore medical and support services for persons living with HIV/AIDS in Utah.5/9/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
15601655/8/2018Human ServicesBach Harrison LLCNikki SanchezAmend the contract AC5/9/2018SENT TO FINANCEView
18632705/8/2018Human ServicesAllies with FamiliesCherilyn HessTraining and supervised racticums Authorized by DHS BP5/9/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
15624335/8/2018HealthIntermountain Donor ServicesNikki SanchezAmend the Contract SK5/9/2018SENT TO FINANCEView
18633005/8/2018Administrative ServicesLori RuppBlake PorterCheer Consulting Services TD5/9/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
16622235/10/2018Technology ServicesEnvironmental Systems Research Institute IncVinessa DudleyAmend the Contract CO5/16/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
13632235/11/2018Technology ServicesGenesys Telecommuniations Laboratories IncSolomon KingstonAmend the Contract (AC)5/11/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18633205/11/2018GOEDFront Analytics IncThinh DoanAnalyticsServices SK5/18/2018SENT TO FINANCEView
16621445/14/2018HealthAsian Association of UtahChad HindsAmend the Contract NH5/14/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18633405/14/2018GOEDEconomic Development Corporation of UtahTim HodgesTo run the mega-sites program opportunities to indentify large industrial sites across Utah KB5/15/2018LEGAL REVIEWView
18633705/16/2018HealthAmerican Cancer SocietyKaitee HallComprehensive assessment of health care delivery systems to identify gaps elated to cancer screening CF5/18/2018SENT TO FINANCEView
16614515/17/2018GOEDSTR IncNikki SanchezAmend the Contract5/21/2018SENT TO FINANCEView
18634205/21/2018Public SafetyPandt Co LLC dba Sudsy DudsCherilyn HessLaundry for UHP Section 9 Located in Price, (Carbon/Emery Counties)5/21/2018SENT TO AGENT TO BE SIGNEDView
18634305/21/2018Natural ResourcesWaste Connections of Utah IncAnn SchliepGarbage removal services for Huntington Scofield, and Millsite State Parks CF5/23/2018SENT TO FINANCEView
18634505/23/2018Workforce ServicesReagen Outdoor AdvertisingTim HodgesWorkforce Svcs. & Veterans Affairs with billboards to advertise services available to Utah Veterans 5/24/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18610315/23/2018Technology ServicesUniversity of Montana, Montana natural Heritage ProgramSolomon KingstonAmend the Contract5/24/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18627215/23/2018Technology ServicesDigital AirwaveJustin DaltonAmend the Contract RS5/30/2018SENT TO FINANCEView
18634605/24/2018Administrative ServicesApplied Environmental Services L.C.Blake PorterFuel Storage tank system US-EPA Compliance & Integrity Testing KB5/24/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18634705/24/2018Natural ResourcesRotary Offset PressAnn SchliepPrinting Services for State of Utah Hunting and Fishing Guidebooks. BP5/25/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18608125/24/2018Technology ServicesVoxware IncSolomon KingstonAmend the Contract CF5/25/2018SENT TO FINANCEView
18634805/25/2018Natural ResourcesValley Recreation & RentalAnn SchliepSponsorships at Jordan River OHV State Park NH5/31/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18634905/30/2018HealthBoncomAngela Carlisle Media Services related to prescription drug overdose media campaign 5/30/2018SENT TO AGENT FOR PURCHASING REVIEWView
18635005/30/2018Public SafetyWest Coast Code Consultants, Inc Cherilyn HessFire code, alarm system, fire protection, and fire suppression system plan review services BP5/30/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18635105/30/2018HealthUtah Health Information NetworkRick Strawfunding SK6/5/2018SENT TO AGENT FOR PURCHASING REVIEWView
18636106/4/2018HealthUtah Assn of Local Health Depts.Rick StrawProvide funding for local Health Department Epidemiology Training TD6/7/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18636306/5/2018CommerceDaymark Energy AdvisorsAngela CarlisleLNG Facility Project Consultant6/6/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18636406/5/2018Environmental QualityRural Water Association of UtahChad HindsProvide education, training, and assistance to county officials, local authorities, & developers KB6/6/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
17632516/8/2018Natural ResourcesCLS America IncAnn SchliepAmend the Contract TD6/11/2018HELD FOR MORE INFORMATIONView
18618916/12/2018HealthUtah Hospital & Health SystemsKaitee HallAmend The Contract6/12/2018HELD FOR MORE INFORMATIONView
18637106/13/2018CorrectionsWasatch Property Services IncKraig BrinkerhoffJanitorial Services for the Fortitude Treatment Center TH6/15/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
156209996/13/2018GOEDAviarepsCassidee FeinauerAmend the Contract6/13/2018SENT TO AGENT FOR PURCHASING REVIEWView
156237106/13/2018HealthCatholic Community SvcsUtahKaitee HallAmend the Contract (RS)6/20/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18637306/14/2018Technology ServicesMilliman Solutions Inc.Solomon KingstonData Management and Data Analytics for the Department of Health6/14/2018SENT TO AGENT FOR PURCHASING REVIEWView
17600716/18/2018Environmental QualityUniversity of NotreDameChad HindsAmend the Contact CO6/20/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
14607536/19/2018Technology ServicesGround Water Protection councilSolomon KingstonAmendthe Contract6/19/2018SENT TO AGENT FOR PURCHASING REVIEWView
13624926/19/2018HealthCognosante Consulting LLCRick StrawAmend the Contract CF6/22/2018LEGAL REVIEWView
18637706/19/2018GOEDDuxin ComCassidee FeinauerInternational Travel Trade and Public Relations Representation in France6/19/2018SENT TO AGENT FOR PURCHASING REVIEWView
16615726/20/2018Technology ServicesJDC IncVinessa DudleyAmend the Contract AC6/20/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
16616036/20/2018HealthIntermedixVinessa DudleyAmend the contract Sk6/20/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
16616136/20/2018HealthIntermedixVinessa DudleyAmend the Contract DB6/20/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18637806/20/2018Natural ResourcesUtahsociety for Environmental EducationAnn SchliepOutreach & education about trees & foreststo K-12School Groups TH6/22/2018LEGAL REVIEWView
18637906/22/2018Public SafetyStereo Optical Company IncCherilyn HessOptec 1000 DMV Vision Screening Machines for DLD Field offices vision testing NH6/22/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18638006/22/2018Technology ServicesRiverside Community CareNick HughesCustomized online health screening program CO6/22/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
16617226/22/2018Technology ServicesMatthew J Andreasen CoSolomon KingstonAmend the contract TD6/22/2018LEGAL REVIEWView
17624036/22/2018Technology ServicesWatch SystemsJustin DaltonAmend the contract6/22/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18638106/22/2018HealthUrban Food Connections of UtahRick StrawProvide Fiscal sponsor& market coordinator of the (UPIC) DB6/22/2018LEGAL REVIEWView
18638206/22/2018Natural ResourcesLarsen Fire Apparatus IncJeffrey HammerMaintenance & repair of wildland fire trucks KB6/22/2018SENT TO DIRECTOR FOR FINAL APPROVALView
18638306/22/2018CommerceNational Board of Veterinary Medical ExaminorersAngela CarlisleNorth Americaqn Veterinary Licensing Examination for Candidates6/22/2018SENT TO AGENT FOR PURCHASING REVIEWView
176348996/22/2018GOEDUtah Valley UniversityCassidee FeinauerAmend the Contract6/22/2018SENT TO AGENT FOR PURCHASING REVIEWView
18638406/22/2018TransportationAllianceEnterprisesSolomon KingstonBlock Services for customizations to alliance's awarevocationalRehabilitation6/22/2018SENT TO AGENT FOR PURCHASING REVIEWView
18638506/22/2018HealthIntermountain Health CareRick Strawtoprovide leadrshipto the Utah women & NewbornsQuality collaborative Mternal Committee6/22/2018SENT TO AGENT FOR PURCHASING REVIEWView