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Contract NumberAddendumContract DateAgencyVendorAgentDescriptionStatus DateStatusStatus Log
166172112/14/2016Technology ServicesMatthew J. Andreasen Co.Windy AphayrathAmend the Contract (FT)2/28/2017RETURNED TO AGENCY FOR CORRECTIONSView
166157112/22/2016Technology ServicesJDC, IncKari BaardsonAmend the Contract (ZC) - (FT)2/28/2017RECEIVED FROM AGENCYView
17627302/3/2017Alcoholic Beverage ControlWynright CorporationNick HughesAmend the Contract (SH)2/10/2017RETURNED TO AGENCY FOR CORRECTIONSView
16616722/13/2017Workforce ServicesXerox State & Local SolutionsNick HughesAmend the Contract2/15/2017HELD FOR MORE INFORMATIONView
17628402/15/2017Heritage and ArtsPathway Associates, LLCNikki SanchezFund raising and Advocacy Consultants ( CJ)2/17/2017RETURNED TO AGENCY FOR CORRECTIONSView
17628602/16/2017Human ServicesWhyTry, LLCKari BaardsonTraining for DHS/DJJS in the WhyTry progam (SK)2/23/2017HELD FOR MORE INFORMATIONView
17629202/24/2017HealthWayne Jones Company INCNikki SanchezDevelop and manage the Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network for Utah (ZC)2/27/2017RETURNED TO AGENCY FOR CORRECTIONSView
17615112/27/2017CorrectionsDS Services of America, INCJake MacfarlaneAmend the Contract (FT)2/28/2017LEGAL REVIEWView
17629502/28/2017Natural ResourcesLexipol LLCVinessa DudleySubscription to Law Enforcement training materials including manuals, instruction products and daily bulletins. (NH)2/28/2017LEGAL REVIEWView
16624713/1/2017HealthIHC Health ServicesVinessa DudleyAmend the Contract (CJ) 3/1/2017SENT TO FINANCEView